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Uncalculating Love

Times have been hard, finances tight, stress high, and our energy low—so we got a dog. Not just a dog—Pharoah, a large male Doberman that our son Claude and his wife, Katie, shipped us from Illinois. Claude and Katie had … Continue reading

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Down with Bottoms!

We have probably all heard, especially regarding addicts, “They just need to hit rock bottom before they will get better.” Often, this idea is applied to people more generally. Sometimes we say of young people, “They are just sowing their … Continue reading

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Holy Impatience!

As I age, I have become impatient, but perhaps in the best way. It’s not the “Get off my lawn, you darn kids” kind of impatience. Nor is it crotchety or curmudgeonly. It is tender. I am, I confess, terribly … Continue reading

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